Jonola Bellestar


14/5/2001 – 20/3/2012

KC Registration Number: AB02225106

Sire: Jonola Southernconnection
Dam: Sh Ch Jonola Libertybelle J.W.

Breeder/Owner: Mrs I. M. Hillocks

Ellie was not shown much but proved to be wonderful brood bitch, producing a UK Show Champion, two J.W. winners, stud book entrants as well as Mel’s own Diva, Jonola Love and Liberty, who herself is a stud book entrant.  Ellie was Mel’s special girl. She had the deepest bark  you would ever hear from a bitch. She was always there to please everybody and was always there when you needed her, even if it was just putting her head on your lap or playing her chase me games whilst out on a run.

Sweet dreams Ellie, I miss having my special person by my side.
Mel Hillocks

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