A Perfect Day

As we travelled up to Edinburgh for the SKC Championship Show, I had a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach and it wasn’t caused by the curry I’d eaten the night before! This was an altogether different feeling, one which told me that things were not going to go exactly as expected. Little was I to know that my sixth sense was finely tuned and in tip-top working order. The journey generally took me about five hours, but for some reason it seemed to be taking me far longer on this day. I stopped at Berwick-on-Tweed to walk the dogs and then set off towards Edinburgh. It was at this point, that Flynn, after being extremely well behaved all the way, decided that enough was enough and proceeded to winge and bark LOUDLY for the rest of the journey. All 79 miles of it! By the time I arrived at the showground, not only was I feeling delicate and frazzled, but I could also quite cheerfully have throttled him!

As we emerged from the car into the cold wind, despite it being August, both Flynn and Fergus decided that this was the time to struggle and proceeded to be particularly difficult, as I struggled to get them into their respective leggings, in an effort to keep their coats clean, I felt sure that they must have concocted this ‘plan’ whilst in the back of the car, for both boys looked very pleased with themselves! Eventually, after what seemed like an Eternity, both boys were ‘dressed’ and ready for the off. As we were later than usual arriving, I hoped that they would ‘perform’ quickly. Typically, they, of course, had other ideas. By the time they had both seen to the ask in hand and we had arrived at our bench, judging had already begun. I just about managed to get into the ring in time with Fergus.

I had arranged for a friend to show Flynn for me in the next class, but to my dismay, they didn’t turn up. It was a long way to the bench from the ring and knowing that I wouldn’t have time to go all the way back for Flynn after I’d shown Fergus, without missing the class, I asked someone to hold Flynn for me. I also asked them if they would kindly brush him and make sure that he was generally presentable to show. I didn’t have time to take Fergus back to the bench, before I needed to be in the ring again with Flynn, so the idea was that I would swap the dogs over at the end of my first class.

Hastily leaving Fergus with someone at the ringside, I rushed back in with Flynn, When I caught my breath and took the time to look at him, I was horrified to find that he had copious amounts of slobber covering just about every part of his head and he looked as if he hadn’t been near a brush for months! So much for my ‘friend’ agreeing to make sure he was presentable to show. I was still struggling to stand him when the judge asked us all to run round the ring twice. He took off like a bat out of hell, with me vainly trying to hang onto the end of the lead. I didn’t even have time to get my breath back before it was our turn. Flynn was so excited at being in the ring again after being away from it for so long, that he could hardly keep four feet on the floor at the same time. In fact, the judge must have wondered if he had ants in his pants! I valiantly struggled to stand this extremely excited, strong dog. Once again, I was left hanging onto the lead as we shot round the ring, the spectators flashing past in a hazy blur, as we attempted to move in a triangle, stay upright and avoid the tent pole in the middle of the rimg, all at the same time! Judging by their facial expressions, the ringside spectators were stunned and the judge was trying his hardest not to collapse from laughter! As for retaining any dignity, well, that was a non starter, but once again, Flynn seemed highly delighted with himself.

As the class ended the heavens opened. “How apt”, I thought to myself. After struggling with Flynn, I was exhausted and had begun to ache in areas that I didn’t even know about previously. Meanwhile, he’d had a wonderful time. I decided that enough was enough and for once, set off for home before the show had finished. I became increasingly tired as the journey progressed and had to stop several times to rest. Just before I reached the English border, I overtook a slwo car, only to set off the speed camera on the opposite side of the raod, which until that point had gone unnoticed! Just a perfect end to an equally perfect day.

© 2008 Michelle Webster

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