A Spot Of Bother

This particular year, I was able for the first time, to take both Flynn and Fergus to Crufts and was looking forward to our day out immensely. I was rather concerned, however, about how Flynn would settle, as he had never before been in such a crowded atmosphere, or had to stay on a bench for such a long time. I need not have worried, as both boys had numerous admirers all day and they loved every minute of it!

Flynn wasn’t placed, but I was extremely proud of him nevertheless, as for once in his life, he didn’t misbehave and he put his all into it. I was thrilled and delighted when Fergus was placed third in Mid Limit, the largest class of the day. After we’d had our turn, we joined on the end of the line, as the judge worked her way through the rest of the dogs in the class. Suddenly, Fergus lunged at the chap who was standing in front of us, grabbing his crotch! “Oh my God!” he yelped, “It’s a good job I dress on the other side!” I was absolutely no help whatsoever, as I was too helpless with laughter and consequently could do nothing to get Fergus off him and I was unable to help myself as I replied, “I know he’s obsessed with balls, but that’s taking it a bit too far!”

Apparently, this chap had a large chunk of cooked liver in his trouser pocket, which he then moved over to the other side, only to be jumped on by the dog on the other side of him. At this point, Fergus was frantic and became extremely vocal, as I’m sure that the other dog would get the liver. Fergus was up on his hind legs, waving his front legs in the air and talking LOUDLY!! Meanwhile, the dog on the other side was also becoming ever more frantic about the liver, so the poor chap in the middle was besieged and didn’t know where to turn for the best. His personal ‘line’ was in danger of coming to an abrupt end!!

All this was going on whilst the judge continued with her task in the ring and my embarrassment grew, as I struggled to cope with my frantic dog. The people nearby were in stitches at such a performance and word was quickly spreading round the ringside about the ‘entertainment’, much to my further embarrassment. I have never been more delighted to be pulled out for a placing than I was on this day, as it got me away from the liver and the difficult situation.

It certainly was an unforgettable experience, especially for the chap concerned, but it’s not what you would really expect to see in the ring at Crufts is it?

© 2008 Michelle Webster

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