Breaking Glass

One day, whilst my Father was walking Fergus, he happened to walk past a parked car outside the bank. In the car was a medium sized, black, long-haired dog. As he came alongside the car with Fergus, all hell broke loose, from inside the car. In the process, the dog in the car broke the car window and amazingly managed to put out the entire window! To his credit, Fergus didn’t bat an eyelid, but just kept walking. The dog inside the car was going demented, snarling, growling and barking, giving it his all. He really objected to Fergus’s presence and was determined to defend his territory. Thinking quickly, my Father told the dog in the car to STAY! Incredibly it did. He then rushed into the bank and the nearby Tea rooms to find it’s owner, who needless to say was astounded at his tale.

© 2008 Michelle Webster

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