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Race For Life

July 20, 2015 - 2:59 pm

Race For Life






Read about two amazing Stars; Cheryl & Mollie Stevenson, by clicking on the link below.

Lochlorien Scully Foxes Andley



5th MAY 2013



The day of the walk arrived, along with the warmth and sunshine that everyone had been waiting for seemingly for ever! Little did we all realise then that we should be making the most of this glorious weather, as going by the weather we’ve had since, this one day of glorious warmth and sunshine was the sum total of our summer!

Friends had very kindly offered me a lift to Matlock and on arrival at their house, the red canine reception committee were already waiting and on the look out for my arrival. Two handsome redheads were straining to reach me over the garden wall and as soon as the gate was opened, shot out of it to greet me like two proverbial bats out of hell. What a wonderful welcome…..there’s nothing quite like an Irish Setter welcoming committee. I squeezed into the back seat amongst all the stuff for the walk, whilst the two redheads surveyed me from the boot, checking on me periodically to either make sure I was still there, or behaving myself!

Steven Lennox had once more very generously allowed us to hold the walk and garden party at his home. The garden bathed in sunshine, looked glorious. I’d no sooner got myself sorted and the handful of walkers already there, seemed to suddenly become a large crowd. I was astonished to realise that we actually had 56 walkers, far more than in previous years. It was, as always, good to see the regulars and catch up, but it was also wonderful to see so many new faces, all of whom later commented how much they enjoyed it and that they would be coming back again.

Not only did we have lots of new faces joining us this year, but we also had quite a variety of different breeds walking to help the cause, some of whom we have never had before. Apart from the numerous Irish Setters, we were also joined by a Standard Poodle, a Smooth Collie, a Bedlington Terrier, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a Field Spaniel, an English Setter, two Gordon Setters, a Terrier and a Lurcher. The canine walkers all arrived back at Treetops full of boundless energy and despite being free in the garden, with a wonderful buffet on display on the trestle tables in the garden, all of them were impeccably behaved.

Finty the Standard Poodle and Enzo the Bedlington Terrier thoroughly enjoyed themselves, with Enzo particularly having a wonderful time running in the woods with the Irish Setters. And Meg the Lurcher was quite amusing. She arrived with her owners and without a lead, but there was no need to worry as she was very well mannered. Before she greeted anyone or settled down, she obviously felt it was her duty to check everything out and this she proceeded to do with fervour. She scrutinised every flower and plant in the borders and every blade of grass in the garden, then took herself off for a tour of the kennels, still not content, she then entered the house and inspected every room. Then and only then did she deign to join the rest of us in the garden, regally plonking herself down in the middle of the tulips! The gorgeous Ebony, the resident long-haired cat, strolled through her kingdom all day winding her way through all the dogs as if she had known them all her life, nothing seemed to faze her, until she happened to notice Meg’s gaze and decided to sit herself down in the same tulip bed. They stared each other down for quite a while, with Ebony obviously thinking she had the upper paw (it was her garden after all), until Meg made a sudden swift move towards her. Quick as a flash, a black streak shot across the garden, hotly followed by Meg, who on discovering that Ebony had shot up the nearest tree, trotted back to her resting place and languidly draped herself back amongst the tulips. That was it; excitement over for the day.

Not only had Steve & Regien worked hard to make sure that everything was ready for us and in tip top order, the ladies in the kitchen worked tirelessly all day to provide us with a mouth watering feast of sandwiches, cakes and savouries and lots of refreshments. One of them even managed to help despite having a fractured shoulder! They really are magnificent and we would not be able to do this without them, so thank you all! As has now become the norm, Phil & Jacqui Cater provided a bag of dog treats for all the canine walkers…it has now become such a tradition that quite frankly I think we might be lynched if we didn’t have them.

Phil in his new role as Rescue Secretary, taking over from Barbara Rogers, gave a vote of thanks for Barbara’s hard work over the many years she worked as Rescue secretary (40 in total I think) and also commemorated Clyde Frith, one of our staunchest supporters, when we presented him with a donation to rescue for £758.01 raised in Clyde’s memory. Slowly, at the end of the day, everyone began to pack up to go home, but not before they made sure we knew how much they had enjoyed it.

This event is not just a fund raiser for a worthy cause, but also a very enjoyable social event with dogs as can be seen from the fabulous photos, this year provided by; Clare Rockett, Stevie Keates, Phil & Jacqui Cater & Shirley Smith. Last year we raised £1,700! If you were not able to join us on this year’s walk, but would like to make a donation to this worthy cause, please make your cheque payable to: EAST MIDLANDS SOCIAL REGION OF THE ISBC and post it to our Treasurer: Mrs S. A. Shepherd, 14 Larch Close, Allestree, Derbyshire, DE22 2JA.

Michelle Webster

WALK 2013



May 17, 2013 - 1:54 pm

Missing Irish Setter






Susan O’Brien writes:

Our dog on this past Tues 14th of May,near Ballinadee in Co.Cork,Ireland, went missing. He is a 7 month old Irish Red Setter male. We are heartbroken here as he had become one of our family.I have been scouring gun dog websites etc. to try and find ones to place a missing advert on..

As he is a gun dog breed, we would like to post ads where gun dog owners may see them, as we are not sure whether the dog has just gotten lost (although it is unusual for his to stray,and the area has been thoroughly searched) or that he has been stolen.If stolen we expect he could be sold on to an unsuspecting new owner, who may be into shooting or gun dog trials, even showing events etc.. In Ireland at the moment there has been a spate of dog thefts all around the country, and some talk that the dogs are being sold across to the UK, to unsuspecting new owners. Because of this, I’ve decided to try and contact some gun dog associations and other dog sites across the water in the UK, just that they might be on the lookout for a young red setter.

Any info or help you could give me about maybe where I could advertise on a club website etc. would be great,as we have already advertised on sale websites and rescue centre websites in Ireland. I would appreciate it if you could pass on the message too, it would mean so much. I am going to email any secretaries on the site that have email address also. If he turns up, I will email you to notify you so you can discontinue any search.




Sincere thanks, in hope you may reply, I have a poster with more details should you need them..
Susan O’Brien

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