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  1. Val Martin says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Just been having a look at the ‘In Memory’ section of your site to see my Aston’s details. Thank you for adding her, she was very special to me.
    Your website is informative and interesting and I shall call back from time to time to see if you have added to it.
    Your deep love for Irish Setters is made very obvious throughout.

    Best wishes,


  2. Very nice site Michelle, I enojoyed my stay here.
    Best wishes,

  3. lyn hathaway says:

    hi michelle just found your website and ive really enjoyed reading it .the information you have on health and in memory sections is so interesting .i would just like to thank you for putting all this information together and i hope people will get as much pleasure asi have in reading it
    thanks again lyn

  4. Viviane Dietens says:

    Hello Michelle,
    Beautiful and interesting website.

  5. Georgina Spiers Sarll says:

    Very informative site Michelle, you have spent hours and hours collating information and presenting it in an easy to understand format.

  6. margaret lees says:

    I was so thrilled to find this site as I purchased a red setter puppy circa 1968 from a breeder in Leigh Manchester. he was from the T line I think, which I didn’t know about. We named him Samson of Foxford Magnus. He lived for 15 years. I loved him dearly. He was so handsome and loving. Loved all your photos.They reminded me so much of Sam.

    • michelle says:

      Loved hearing about Sam. If you have any photos and can e-mail them to me I would be happy to add him to the In Memory section.

  7. annette henderson says:

    Thank you so much for adding scarlett to your memory page. It was very kind of you we do miss her so badley always will. Your website very interesting and a pleasure to read.
    again many thanks annette

  8. Mike Wiggins says:

    Michelle, After looking at your Generation I have been able to trace back to the 2 Setters I have had and it tun’s out there history path cross which I think is very strange, I will sent you copy so that you can see this.
    Thanks for Great Website Mike Wiggins

  9. Sarah Docherty says:

    Thank you so much for adding our beloved Jasper to your Memory Page, and for looking back at our previous Setter’s pedigrees. Your website is lovely, and so informative.
    Thanks so much

  10. andrea owen says:


    first time visit and this site is fascinating, love the pedigree section and have found both my boys, it is fascinating to see how many half siblings Merlin has, who he is related to, poor Fergal comes from an only litter for both parents so not as interesting.

    Don’t know how you have the time to do this but keep up the good work I am sure I will be back

    Andrea Owen

    • andrea owen says:

      I have read a bit more now and its brought back some memories from childhood of the Musbury kennels who used to be in the same town where I grew up, I loved these dogs but dad would never let me have one, 40 years on I finally bought Merlin and whilst out with him as a youngster met the owners of now no longer Musbury affix, they were delighted to see a setter again in Haslingden, now 7 years on (almost) there is an ever grown population of setters again.

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